Mouse Clicker for iOS

It’s a legendary clicker for iOS devices rich in features and carrying easy manipulation strategies. Mouse Clicker will perform the repetitive taps and maximize your success among all users and players. The application supports different sequences for clicks for your iOS devices to automate your various tasks, functions, and operations. Users can adjust the clicking frequency according to their needs and allow keys to switch on and off.

The best, perfect auto tap app provides the fastest number of clicks for your devices and lets the users automate actions without the need. The tool can set any position to your clicks for your iOS device at any time. Mouse Auto Clicker has several functionalities that can save your time and energy by regularly clicking on your devices and prevent the user annoyance of tapping.

Mouse Clicker for iOS


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How Do I Automate in iOS?

  1. Click in the Home, Automation tab.
  2. Add Automation, choose the triggers, leaving or arriving location.
  3. Tap people arrive or leave.

How Do You Get Mouse Clicker on iOS?

Mouse Clicker is a free app for iOS and it’s for gaming and entertainment purposes.

Installation process:

  1. Visit the link available on our site.
  2. The clicker is shown in iTunes on your iOS device, then you can start the installation.

Is There a Auto Clicker for iOS?

Yes, our free Mouse Auto Clicker for iPhones, iPads & iPod, easy to install and let’s you auto-click on any game or app.