Mouse Clicker for Android

The best auto-clicker app can automate some steps in games and other clicking tasks by automating screen taps. The user needs to enable multiple taps with various timing. Click manually repeatedly is quite handy; everybody likes to keep the game active without being active yourself. The automatic clicker will handle all these tasks for you for free and save your time and money. If you like to pay and upgrade to the pro version, it will show no Ad banner.

Mouse Clicker for Android

Top 2 Mouse Clicker for Android


The Tapping app is the choice if you play games that need quick and repetitive clicks. Set the floating control bar in the location that needs clicking, and then hit the Start button. According to your needs, change the intervals between clicks as well as the entire period.


This app runs on Android 7.0 and is free to download. For adding more features to the Pro version, you have to pay.

Automagic automation app

This one is the popular automation app that can handle many device operations, like geolocation setting changes, auto-replying to texts, creating weekly backup files, executing URLs and download links, locking your device, and several others.
The app uses flows for automation, including actions and conditions. Each flow can handle an unlimited number of processes and is shown graphically as a flowchart. The premium trial version useable for 10 days for free.


Can You Get Auto Clicker on Mobile?

Yes, we can get an auto clicker for the automation of various tasks and operations on your Android device.

Is Tapping Auto Clicker Safe?

Auto Mouse Clicker is secure and safe, simulates mouse clicks, and doesn’t contain any malware.