Free Mouse Clicker

It’s a challenging task that clicks your mouse button repeatedly. Free Mouse Clicker will free your tired hands and accurately automate your mouse clicks. They have a coordinate calculator to go to that part of the screen where you want to click. You can record multiple click points and start to connect them in order. Set the time interval between clicks and set a start/pause that automatically stops after the desired number of clicks. Free Auto Clicker will help you enjoy the games without constant clicking. Hotkeys use to clear the command list and start/stop the clicks—no need for registration and download with a permanent free update and technical support.

Free Mouse Clicker

Download All Versions of the Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Auto Clicker 3.2

The utility is too used to auto-record mouse movements, mouse clicks, stroke actions, repeat them, and many times as desired. It also provides access to the users to set the targeted location and time to make the mouse click automatically.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker 4.2

It’s a neat macro recording and handy application that lets you record all kinds of repetitive operations and mouse actions and create mouse macros. User-friendly interface that can help beginners to control the software easily.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker 4.0

Mouse auto clicker is a macro recorder, and it does records mouse movements and keystroke actions. Use hotkeys to start/stop the recordings.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker 4.2.1

Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a window script used to automatically records your mouse clicks, keystrokes and repeat them time by time as you want. It can also use to click on a specific color on the screen. This version belongs to the automation tools subcategory.


How Do I Make My Mouse Double Click?

Open the control panel and click on the mouse settings icon. In the mouse properties window if not already selected click the button tab. Adjust the slider for the Double-Click speed option, then press ok.

How Do I Enable Single Click on My Mouse?

Search File Explorer in the search bar, you will see a setting in the middle for click items. Select Single-Click to open an item, then apply.