Download Auto Clicker

Download Auto Clicker for windows with two modes of clicking position at your prespecified and dynamic cursor location. You can set a limit or choose an unlimited amount of clicks. The user will use the hotkey to start/stop the automatic clicks. The software gives you the access to select the left/right mouse button and pick double/triple clicking action. Free download auto clicker is open-source and can change hotkeys. Containing a straightforward user interface can save settings from the last fixed location. Here the usage of CPU is low and free from viruses without an advertisement or malware. Download your Idle clicker games and set back to enjoy automatic Idle clicking. It will complete all sorts of functions like play music automatically and Bluetooth, headphone connection.

Easy Touch Auto Clicker

Download Auto Clicker

Auto-Clicker is a free tool used to automate your repetitive tasks. The gamers considered them favorite for non-stop clicking mouse buttons. You can set the number of clicks and time that will give you complete control. Fixed intervals between multiple/triple clicks, short cuts, and generate infinite clicks to save time. At first set the parameters, the mouse cursor will automatically click the targeted location.

Auto Clicker for Games

Macrodroid Auto Clicker is the best way to automate your task but not so suitable for clicker games. Take a rest, help your tired fingers and automate your profiles, Wi-Fi, data, and much more. This app will convince you to use it due to its limitless scenario. To find a more accurate and efficient Android experience, therefore, they create macros. The app has templates where you can select and can create models of your design.


How Do I Download an Autoclicker?

Download Auto Mouse Clicker app after installation set the time interval for each click. You can set it from milliseconds up to hours.

How Do I Use My Mouse Auto Clicker?

In accesssibility settings move to the mouse and touchpad section. Choose automatically click when the pointer of the mouse stops to set the toggles switch to on. The cursor stays still for an amount of time, click action will be performed.