Auto Mouse Clicker

It’s an automatic Mouse Clicker that performs clicks for a while. Auto Mouse Clicker has a feature that can specify the location or set the random place for clicks in a given area. Mouse Clicker is simple but enough and will free your hands from repeated clicks; you can choose multiple or single clicks and left/right mouse buttons. It supports hotkeys to pause, freeze, and stop the cursor automatically. This program is highly customizable and manages the interval between clicks, hours, mins, and seconds. You can record the various sequences of clicks from the screen and access auto mouse clicks’ complete control. Auto Mouse Clicker is the best choice to click in games, refreshing web pages, and performing other clicking tasks. Download Mouse Clicker from here.

Auto Mouse Clicker

How to use Auto Mouse Clicker ?

To start the auto mouse clicker, double click on the software.

  1. Configure your software with the hotkey combination.
  2. Add recent mouse clicks and stops the auto mouse clicks from executing one step at a time.
  3. Create a new file of Auto Mouse Clicker.
  4. Pop up will appear on the screen to add a new mouse click and select the type of mouse click to automate.
  5. Set the time for clicks and choose the coordinates for specific or random places on the screen.
  6. Save your progress at any location in your system.


How Can I Get a Free Auto Clicker?

Visit and get your free auto clicker software that allow you to click your screen for different period of time.

How Do I Make Autoclicker Faster?

Specify the time delay on the main screen in the settings and utilize the Random Time Delay behavior to simulate Mouse Clicks in more or less human Mouse Clicking methods.